I Don’t Sleep



As I write this, I feel half-asleep.

My eyes are drooping, I feel my head getting heavy.

I’ve been feeling like this since 1o am.

It’s 5 hours later and no, I haven’t taken a nap.

Both the children are still napping, and have been for over an hour. I could have easily grabbed 45 minutes of precious sleep.

Instead, I cleaned the house, put toys away, folded laundry and wiped the kitchen down. Refilled water bottles, sorted through the recycling and put the dishes away.

I watched TV. I surfed Facebook.

Now I sit here, replying to emails, organizing my schedule for the week for my new freelance gig, fitting in all my other online activities like managing World Moms Blog‘s social media strategy, having fun in the forums at The SITS Girls, and of course, writing my own blog.

Soon, the boys will wake up.

One will need a feed. The other will need a snack.

Before long, dinner will have to be made. Dishes to be done.

The sky will darken, and children will have to be readied for bed. Stories to be read, songs to be sung, snuggles to be given.

I’ll probably sit on the couch with my husband afterwards and enjoy some ice cream together, maybe watch some TV.

My hands will then drift over my laptop again as I reply to blog comments, and do more writing.

Once the lid on the MacBook Air is shut, I’ll probably check my phone for my Instagram feed.

And it’d be tomorrow before my head hits the pillow.

I’ll be waking up every 2 to 3 hours to nurse the baby, change his diaper.

And just as I’m going into that delicious deep sleep cycle, my children will wake up.

The boys will get cleaned up and fed. The toys will come out of the toy box, the exersaucer will make an appearance.

Play time will be interjected with nap time for the baby.

More play time with the toddler. Lunch will be given, a little cuddling and off he will go for HIS nap.

Go back to the top of this post. Maybe change it up with some cookie baking, caramel sauce making and meal planning.

Rinse and repeat.

Yes. I don’t sleep.

Mother and baby

I’m not really asleep. Just….. resting my eyes.


Disclaimer: I am not complaining. As my husband rightly pointed out, there are some opportunities for me to nap and I could go to bed earlier. But I want to get stuff done!

How many hours of sleep do you get a night? 



  1. Tracie
    Twitter: fromtracie

    I totally get this! I’m definitely a four hours of sleep per night kind of woman, and have been for a long time. There is just so much to do each day, I don’t know how those people fit it all in and spend 8-10 hours sleeping.

    With my new 6am waking schedule, I’m getting more of my sleep during the night, instead of the early morning, and it has been hard to adjust to that (there is something about morning sleep that I find to be so much better than nighttime sleep).
    Tracie ‘s last awesome post..Can You Spell Miscellaneous?My Profile

  2. Christine@TheAums says:

    I swear I read your entire post, but for some reason I got stuck on the ice cream….mmmm….ice cream.
    Christine@TheAums ‘s last awesome post..3 Ways Potty Talk Has Helped My ParentingMy Profile

  3. nerdmommathfun says:

    Oh, how I hear you! And I’m only rocking the one toddler here… I explained it to the hubs the other day by saying “If I nap when he naps, then I never feel like I got a break… So I’d rather be physically tired, but mentally refreshed.”

    Sending some extra-strength coffee your way ma’am! :)
    nerdmommathfun ‘s last awesome post..Not that kind of blog – recipe post (get your mind outta the gutter)My Profile

  4. Keely
    Twitter: Lollygagblog

    I could have fallen asleep an hour ago. But no. FACEBOOK NEEDS ME. Recipes need to be cut out and put into my folder- where they will NEVER again be viewed. Important things, obvie. (But for real, if I don’t get close to 7 hours of sleep these days, ain’t no one in the household happy. At least not publicly.)
    Keely ‘s last awesome post..Nora Went To School And Keely Had A Thing.My Profile

  5. Kim@Co-Pilot Mom
    Twitter: copilotmom

    I remember a time when my sleep schedule was just like the one you describe. I am getting about 6 hours or so a night now that my youngest is older. I could get more (and probably should) – but like you said, I choose to stay up late and work and read and write and get ready for the next day.
    Kim@Co-Pilot Mom ‘s last awesome post..14 YearsMy Profile

  6. Laura | Mommy Miracles
    Twitter: LauraORourke

    I say that a lot to Cameron. “Mama’s not sleeping. I’m just resting my eyes.”

    Our days sound eerily similar. Let’s see. I go to bed around 1am. Sometimes later. Baby usually wakes up to nurse around 2. Then 4. Then 5. By that point I usually just bring him to bed with me (because he won’t go back to sleep on his own) and we spend the rest of the “night” with him latched on until my husband goes to work, which isn’t entirely restful for me.

    Keep it up, Mama. There will be sleep for us eventually. Maybe.
    Laura | Mommy Miracles ‘s last awesome post..Falling in Love: My Secret IngredientMy Profile

    • Alison says:

      Yup, that sounds about right! I also end up with the baby in the bed because by the 3rd time of getting up and getting him back to sleep, I’m ready to collapse. It’s just much easier to cuddle him. At least I get to be awake lying down. :)

  7. Greta says:

    I get this. I need to go to bed earlier, but by the time I get everything ready for the morning, and then a little me time in, it’s too late. I do get a 30 minute nap sometimes in the afternoon when I absolutely can’t stay awake.

    At least you know there’s an end in sight, when that adorable baby starts sleeping more during the night. :)

  8. Nina@Babbling Little Booties
    Twitter: marianinaromero

    When my little girl was a little younger, I can’t get enough sleep at night, but now that she’s 19 month old.
    I am back to my sleep schedule, I usually get 8 hours of sleep!

    • Alison says:

      When I only had one, my toddler was finally sleeping through the night from 18 months, and I was getting about 8 hours too. Now that I have a baby, I’m back to waking up every 2-3 hours :) Ah well.

  9. Rach (DonutsMama) says:

    Hmm, we’re sort of on the same wavelength here with all our to-do’s and balancing online time & opportunities. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I do have through blogging and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I just need to stop checking FB & Twitter obsessively. And Instagram. Oh I love Instagram! I do get to bed at a decent time though. At least that is one thing I’m consistent about!
    Rach (DonutsMama) ‘s last awesome post..How the Internet Has Ruined MeMy Profile

  10. Runnermom-jen says:

    Ha! I love the disclaimer…I’m the same way. There’s too much to do to take a nap :)
    Runnermom-jen ‘s last awesome post..RealMy Profile

  11. Elaine A. says:

    I was pretty sure you did not sleep much. ;-)

    I understand this, of course.

    I am trying to go to bed earlier these days since my body is “telling” me to… I try to get 7-8 hours but yeah, sometimes it just doesn’t happen…
    Elaine A. ‘s last awesome post..Taking a Step BackMy Profile

  12. tracy@sellabitmum says:

    I never napped while they napped…seriously when else are you suppose to get things done? xoxo
    tracy@sellabitmum ‘s last awesome post..In The Interest Of CommunityMy Profile

  13. AnnMarie says:

    There is one of those card thingies that says, “Every night I stay up late and every morning I realize it is a bad idea.” That is me. I get about 5 or 6 hours. I am tired…A LOT.
    AnnMarie ‘s last awesome post..Essence of Now: Gia and Time Well SpentMy Profile

  14. Maureen | TatterScoops
    Twitter: tatterscoops

    I feel you on shutting the laptop down then open up the phone! Hah! For me it’s Pinterest. It’s the evil little app on my phone that sucked the hours away as I lay in bed trying to get some sleep :D
    Maureen | TatterScoops ‘s last awesome post..Chillaxing SaturdayMy Profile

  15. Alexandra says:

    I haven’t slept since 1995.

    I am very tired.

    Alexandra ‘s last awesome post..I Say It’s EndearingMy Profile

  16. MamaCassie
    Twitter: FotoFriendlyMom

    My mom always used that trick on us, “I’m just resting my eyes”, then seconds later would start snoring! ha! I usually get about 6 hours of sleep at a time. It’s easy to get things done that need done, or do things I want to do…and not even think about sleeping until I can’t hold out any longer. (I am creeping upon that state, as the clock just struck midnight here….)

    But with two?…I’m convinced I won’t sleep until our nest is empty.
    MamaCassie ‘s last awesome post..Memories Captured – BlessedMy Profile

  17. Na. Teresa Grech Q. Racal says:

    This is also my schedule. With 2 pre-teens and a pre-schooler, I am lucky to have a straight 6 hours sleep. This is the life of a mother, I am so thankful that I am not alone in this typical schedule as a mother.
    Na. Teresa Grech Q. Racal ‘s last awesome post..My First Ever On-line Purchase: Lulu SwingMy Profile

  18. Stasha says:

    I am exactly the same. I live on 4 hrs a day. I know i could go to bed but I just don’t. It is a new, modern kind of insomnia. Hugs my friend xo
    Stasha ‘s last awesome post..Monday ListiclesMy Profile

  19. Bruna
    Twitter: beeswithhoney

    Oh Alison how I remember those days. If I could do it over, I would sleep. There’s always cleaning to be done : p
    Bruna ‘s last awesome post..household choresMy Profile

  20. Barbara says:

    When I go to bed early I wake up more exhausted than before I went o bed. It’s as if my body is used to running on 5 -6 hours of sleep and will not tolerate any more! At least that’s my excuse. ;)
    Barbara ‘s last awesome post..A day in the life…sans motsMy Profile

  21. Vanita says:

    4 hours girl. 4 hours of sleep. some days i do crash and sleep from 8pm to 6am just because my body and brain have given out! These kids? They barely nap nowadays. lol. your son is simply gorgeous by the way.
    Vanita ‘s last awesome post..Google Guidelines 2012 And How It Affects Your BlogMy Profile

  22. Stephanie says:

    Cuz, reading your readers’ comments, am I the only one who’s getting 9 hours of sleep with a 4-month old baby? I do wake up once to feed her, but she falls right back asleep.

  23. Leslie says:

    It’s amazing how nature has equipped women to deal with extended sleeplessness. I can still remember how excited I was the first time I got 4 straight hours if sleep after T was born. You would have thought I’d won the lottery from all the excitement!
    Leslie ‘s last awesome post..{Monday Listicles} WeddingMy Profile

    • Alison says:

      Haha, too funny! I woke up the first morning I got 8 hours of sleep IN A ROW, when my toddler was 18 months and slept through the night for the first time – and I FELT LIKE A NEW WOMAN. So, just a year to go before I get that again. :)

  24. Ruth says:

    I was like that too a few months ago, until my health was affected. So I tried to sleep more for a while but work’s getting busy again, so it’s back to the old days. Not that I want it to be so. I wish I’m one of those super productive women who can do so much in the same amount of time.

    Please try to get more sleep ya? Our kids need healthy moms :)
    Ruth ‘s last awesome post..How to Toilet Train Your Toddler: Practical Tips from Moms Who Had Been There Done ThatMy Profile

    • Alison says:

      I’m lucky I haven’t been affected health-wise, other than just dragging my feet around at the risk of tripping over :) You try and get more sleep yourself!

  25. Jen Burden @WorldMomsBlog
    Twitter: WorldMomsBlog

    I’ve been there on a bunch of occasions. Your health and your kids’ health comes first! What helped me is leaving my cell phone away from my bed. I would stay up extra hours just surfing and facebooking in bed. And, Dr. Oz says to set your alarm for the time you want to go to sleep, say 10:30pm. Good luck with that because I haven’t tried it yet.

    Thank you for working on our stellar World Moms Blog Facebook strategy!!!

    Jen :)
    Jen Burden @WorldMomsBlog ‘s last awesome post..WASHINGTON, USA: “The Tooth Fairy Meets El Ratón Pérez”My Profile

  26. Christine @ Quasi Agitato
    Twitter: csiracusa

    Very hard to decide between sleep and time for oneself and time to get stuff done. 24 hours isn’t enough. Congrats on the feelance gig.
    Christine @ Quasi Agitato ‘s last awesome post..iPPP ~ Back to School EditionMy Profile

  27. karen
    Twitter: mrs_KarenC

    sleep? what’s that?

    my son slept over my parent’s house and I just couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. Sad, right?

    But we mothers are strong and can live on little sleep, not that it’s ideal but we can do it. Did the older one get your son sick?
    karen ‘s last awesome post..Fall ShoesMy Profile

  28. thedoseofreality
    Twitter: ashleytaylor76

    I really need 8-10 hours, but I average 6-7. Thankfully, my hubby is great about letting me sleep in on weekends, so I catch up some then.
    The waking every 2-3 hours is just BRUTAL.
    Hang in there!!
    thedoseofreality ‘s last awesome post..My Top 10 Wedding “Pins”My Profile

  29. Amanda Jillian
    Twitter: faeriebarista

    Oh I totally get it, I don’t sleep much either. I want to get things done. I know that I should go to sleep earlier and maybe nap with Ariel but the allure to get things done is too hard to resist.
    Amanda Jillian ‘s last awesome post..Updates from the CafeMy Profile

  30. Mirjam says:

    The life of a Mom…You are both cute in that picture!
    Mirjam ‘s last awesome post..Sunday gatheringsMy Profile

  31. Jackie says:

    I honestly can’t live without sleep…. there are even times that I go to bed before my kids (the older ones! 16, 13, 10.. never the toddler) just because I know that how busy the next day will be!
    Sometimes things just don’t get done and I’m okay with it.
    Jackie ‘s last awesome post..Hi… I’m Jackie.My Profile

  32. Jamie says:

    I sleep 5-6ish hours a night. I could be napping now with school and nap schedules but reading about how much we all need to sleep is more fun… somehow?! That’s a beautiful photo by the way!
    Jamie ‘s last awesome post..Comment on my great mom-vention by Just JenniferMy Profile

  33. Jessica says:

    …but you should sleep, Alison! I used to ignore my body and eat chocolate instead. But. I’m learning that this tactic is not really a tactic at all. Parenting, I realize, is a full sport. I was getting sick more without sleep, and I was miserable. So now I have a bedtime and I nap on most days. I don’t get as much done, but I’m learning to be okay with that.

    • Alison says:

      I know I should, and I do listen to my body. I take accidental naps with the baby most days (as in I fall asleep while putting him to sleep on my bed!) so I do get more sleep than I think. It’s never enough though, is it?

  34. Natalie says:

    Same problem here girl! I should be napping but really I use the time to clean and catch up…never ending my friend!
    Natalie ‘s last awesome post..The Definition of MotherhoodMy Profile

  35. Charlotte says:

    Awwww, momma. I hope you are able to get some precious winks in when you can. I know days are always full and there’s so much more that needs to get done, but your health and wellness is important, too.

    Miss you. XOXO
    Charlotte ‘s last awesome post..a home run. literally.My Profile

  36. ilene
    Twitter: fiercedivablog

    I am constantly riding that line between not getting enough sleep and getting stuff done and sleeping but not getting stuff done. These days, sleep wins, but I have to tell you. I’m getting nothing done!
    ilene ‘s last awesome post..Finding My WayMy Profile

  37. Alma says:

    I remember breastfeeding my little ones… I dont envy you. I was very sleep deprived. If i was not breastfeeding I was pumping at work. When I was not at work I lived in my pajamas with stains all week long. When the baby slept I was torn i should sleep, shower,eat or clean. I remember siting my daughter in the high chair in the bathroom so I could shower and watch her. I would wear my her in my body wrap while i cooked. Its hard to find a rhythm.
    I do miss the closeness of breastfeeding…. it was my personal sanctuary.
    Hope you get some ZZzzzz Alison … but I gotta say your hair and skin look great.
    Alma ‘s last awesome post..Silence speaks when words cantMy Profile

    • Alison says:

      Yes, the baby is permanently attached to me in some way! Which is why I get little done when he’s awake, so I’m on a mission when the boys sleep. Otherwise, NOTHING gets done. None.

      And thank you! The hair shedding is driving me insane, but I can’t complain about my skin. :)

  38. My Inner Chick
    Twitter: krrobi

    —Mama A,
    I’m exhausted just reading this.
    NO! It does not sound like complaining AT ALL…
    Just reality. Just every day life as a Mama.
    I loooove your writing ability :) ))) Xxxx
    My Inner Chick ‘s last awesome post..730 Days, Mercy, & Creme BruleMy Profile

  39. Julia
    Twitter: juliahembree

    Oh dear! I hear you, I so do.
    But I can not function without sleep. I just can’t do it. It always amazes and inspires me people like you that are able to do it all!
    My body really needs 10 hours but I am happy to get 7 a night. Being a mom is exhausting, huh?
    Julia ‘s last awesome post..What Do You Do All Day?My Profile

  40. Heather says:

    My children are older (6,10,12) and I still don’t sleep. There is way too much to do. I go to bed way after everyone else and am the first one up every morning. I get about 4-5 hours every night. And of corse that is between my bathroom trips (I really need to cut back on the liquids I drink at night) and bringing my 6 year old who is going through a bad dream stage back to bed.

    I keep on telling myself this non sleeping is short though. In a few short years my children will be so independent and/or off to college that I will be able to get all the sleep I need!

    Sleep Well!

  41. Jessica says:

    Oh I totally get this. I would much rather get things done or enjoy a few moments of silence than sleep.
    Jessica ‘s last awesome post..HollowMy Profile

  42. sarah @sundayspill says:

    You pretty much just wrote out my day–throw in some school pickups and done. I keep telling myself that this stage is just a blip on the radar. And I’ll long for it when it’s gone. Maybe? Reminds me of a quote “The days are long, but the years are short.” Or something like that. It’s true.

  43. Lady Jennie says:

    Sleep my friend, sleep. It’s good for you. Sleep instead of commenting on my blog, I won’t mind.
    Lady Jennie ‘s last awesome post..Art & HistoryMy Profile

  44. KalleyC
    Twitter: KalleyC

    On a good day, I get maybe 6 hours. Other than that, I don’t bother napping when my little girl naps, then I won’t have any time to myself. I like to read, listen to music, do something else that can be done quickly without having an audience–like taking a shower.

    I try not to over do it, but making 3 meals a day, plus snacks, and cleaning, laundry, and playing. At least when she naps, I can do something for myself. But I won’t say how much I miss icecream right now.
    KalleyC ‘s last awesome post..Riding Out The BugMy Profile

  45. Courtney Kirkland
    Twitter: CourtneyKirklnd

    Nope. I don’t sleep either. I’m getting more sleep now because I’m pregnant and just physically can’t go any more. But before I got pregnant this go around, I pretty much just slept 5-6 hours a night (except maybe on the weekends). My night time routine was similar to yours and then I got up again first thing most mornings when Josh left to go to work (around 7:00). I’m sure when Jonah gets here it won’t be any different. :)
    Courtney Kirkland ‘s last awesome post..30 Week BumpdateMy Profile

  46. Phase Three of Life says:

    That photo is such a perfect illustration of motherhood during the baby stage. I look at that picture and can totally remember how that felt.

  47. Asianmommy
    Twitter: Asianmommy

    It’s so hard to find time for yourself, even if it’s just for a little nap. There have been many times when I just fell asleep at 8 pm after putting the kids to bed. Just couldn’t keep it up anymore!
    Asianmommy ‘s last awesome post..EWG’s Guide to Green CleanersMy Profile

  48. Blond Duck says:

    I need a nap just reading this.
    Blond Duck ‘s last awesome post..Bitty’s Books and Bites: Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon HatcherMy Profile

  49. Kimberly says:

    While I don’t have a baby…I haven’t slept in weeks. Seriously. ANd I take enough medication to kill an elephant.
    There’s so much going on and things that need to be tended to so I totally get this. But sleep should come first…I know…I know….I am not practicing that hence the 11:45 comment on your blog.
    Kimberly ‘s last awesome post..While You Were GoneMy Profile

    • Alison says:

      Sleep is my last priority, sadly. What is the saying? You’ll sleep when you’re dead or something? I get just enough to function, so there’s that.

  50. Becky says:

    Now that my kids are older and away, I get more sleep than I did (maybe 5-6 hours night now) when they were little. Now, I am up late at night, looking for jobs, researching — just to get up and take care of my 83 year old grandparents during the day. It’s a cycle :)
    Becky ‘s last awesome post..Hire me, maybe?My Profile

  51. Kiddothings says:

    You are one superwoman. I need my sleep. That’s why I haven’t been blogging. I think I sleep about 8 hours a day and still feel tired. Hmm…maybe I’m sleeping too much :P
    Kiddothings ‘s last awesome post..More Reasons To Love IkeaMy Profile

  52. Tonya says:

    I’m getting better, but ever since I became a mother, I seem to need less and less sleep. No, scratch that, I NEED the sleep, I just enjoy staying up way too late and taking in the silence. But, lately I’ve been leaving my phone in another home and reading until I fall asleep. It has been a good thing.

    Sleep is a wonderful drug.
    Tonya ‘s last awesome post..Ripped Away, Ripped ApartMy Profile

  53. Kimberly says:

    I need sleep. I can’t function on less than 5 hours. And I usually sneak in a nap if I can. ;)
    Kimberly ‘s last awesome post..You Are…My Profile

  54. Farah
    Twitter: FarahA30

    Ive always had a love/hate relationship with sleep. I’ve known to sleep all day. Sometimes I stay awake for more than 36 hrs (of course, spiked by caffeine). But then again, I’m not a mom. I can afford to be careless like this. But, whenever, I read blogs by awesome moms like you, I just wonder how do you guys do it? Is there any special trick or something? I need to learn me some, before I become one too.

    Have a great day! And sleep! :)
    Farah ‘s last awesome post..Week in PicturesMy Profile

  55. Jessica says:

    Once I learned to not get on the computer at night I started sleeping a lot more. It was a good change for me.
    Jessica ‘s last awesome post..Put That In Your PurseMy Profile

  56. Robin | Farewell, Stranger says:

    That makes me tired.

    Right now I’m getting about 9 hours. I know. That’s all about to come crashing down around my ears.
    Robin | Farewell, Stranger ‘s last awesome post..DishesMy Profile

    • Alison says:

      I hate to agree, but yes, it will. However, you may have a really easy baby. Like my cousin, whose baby is 12 days older than mine. And she only wakes up once in the night. My cousin gets NINE hours sleep. I know, right?

  57. Mom Photographer says:

    nope! I do not sleep, either! Coffee helps… and a lot of green tea!

  58. Heather says:

    Sounds like my day! I have the same problem, and even if I try to nap I can’t because my brain won’t shut off!
    Heather ‘s last awesome post..Why We Save The Random StuffMy Profile

  59. Mom Photographer says:

    I love this picture of you, Alison!
    My husband always says the same about the many opportunities I have during the day to take a nap, which I never use :)

  60. Galit Breen says:

    Oh I know it, girl. I just do.

    (But goodness I LOVE sleep!!)
    Galit Breen ‘s last awesome post..A Tiffany Tween RoomMy Profile

  61. Nikky44 says:

    I don’t sleep, and when i do i have nightmares so i wake up :(


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