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readers interaction

Encourage reader Interaction to Improve Your Blog

The goal of every blog is to gain readership, and this is not something that can be achieved over night. In fact, it takes a lot of effort and time to establish a strong reader base. One way a blog can get more traffic is to encourage reader interaction. This […]

blogging sins

Seven Blogging Sings

Nearly 2 years ago, I started blogging. As with most of my obsessions, I went into it full force, spending countless hours writing, reading, commenting, social media-ing (I can see you nodding). The difference with blogging is, I haven’t stopped. I’m not sick of it yet. I haven’t lost interest. […]

move your blog

8 Tips to Move Your Blog

Note: This advice applies to moving a self-hosted WordPress blog to another WordPress blog on the same host. 1. Purchase and register your new domain. If you are on, you can find out if your hosting companies sell domains. Mine does, but I bought my new one from […]