About me

Hi all! My name is Allison and I’m a professional blogger and copywriter.

I’ve had a thing for the written word ever since I was a kid. While everyone else was playing outside, I was busy reading or attempting to write something. As I grew, writing quickly turned from a hobby into a profession I came to love.

In my career so far I’ve written everything from product descriptions to proper books. However, I’ve found the most passion for blogs and blogging. I’ve written for nearly a hundred different blogs in various industries. I’ve written content that engages and captivates the reader. Combining my knowledge of blogging and marketing, I’ve been able to get thousands of new customers for clients across the world.

Because I love writing so much, I thought it would be selfish not to share my experience with the world. This is why I’ve started my own blog, where I share news, tips and insights for aspiring content marketers and bloggers. I’ve been actively running the blog for the past three years. In this time, I’ve created a following of over 6000 subscribers and my posts have been shared hundreds of times. I take great pride in the fact that through my writing, I’ve been able to influence people across the globe and inspire a new generation of writers and bloggers.

Social media is another one of my biggest interests. I got online in the days of MySpace and immediately loved the idea of being able to interact with wide audiences. I’ve been present on every social media platform since then, both with personal and company profiles. I’ve been one of the pioneers of Facebook since its creation and have been active there ever since.

The best thing about social media for me is the ability to connect with individual people, actual persons. As a social media manager, I’ve been in charge of more than 50 brands and their online presence so far. This meant taking care of all their social media channels, from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest – you name it, I’ve done some work on it. I love being able to spread the company voice to different channels and interact with fans and followers to make an impact. I strongly believe that a company that is tightly linked with its consumers and fans has a much better chance of making it in today’s extremely competitive market.