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Seven Blogging Sins

Nearly 2 years ago, I started blogging. As with most of my obsessions, I went into it full force, spending countless hours writing, reading, commenting, social media-ing (I can see you nodding). The difference with blogging is, I haven’t stopped. I’m not sick of it yet. I haven’t lost interest.

I’m still so into it, I have actually committed all 7 deadly sins. Bloggy style.


As a newbie blogger, I lusted. I lusted after gorgeous blog designs, comments, likes, follows, validation. The desire was so strong, I did nothing else but get wrapped up in my blog.


Traditionally defined as being excessive with food, I was excessive with everything blogging. I joined link ups, writing workshops, blog hops, followed everyone who followed me on Twitter, jumped on every single social media bandwagon (remember Klout? I was obsessed with raising my Klout score, so much so, I initiated a #TweetChallenge – excess much?), and went all out (and in).


Once the numbers started going up slowly, I wanted more. 100, then ooh, 200, and why not, 500? Come on, come on, go up! It was never enough. There was always the next goal. The more followers/ likes I got, the more I wanted.


All this over-blogging, obsessiveness and jumping-headfirst-into-stuff? It’s exhausting. Physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. When I hit the 6-month mark, I was burned out. I got lazy. I cut down posting daily (OMG) to 5 times a week, to 4 times a week, 3, and now 2. All those wonderful link ups and writing workshops – nope. Too much work. I got slothful – I did just enough to stay in people’s radar, but not over-the-top like before.


I’ve raged against my blog. I’ve raged against social media. When I was on Blogger and it shut down for the day, I got so mad, I moved to WordPress within two weeks. When Facebook meddled with its algorithm making it harder for posts to be seen, I raged against them too. When Klout got stupid and ridiculous, I tried to delete my account, and couldn’t find the ‘delete’ button. Yup, more wrath. Fortunately, none of this anger lasted. Too tiring. Sloth, remember?


Oh, this sin. I struggle against it daily. I am always genuinely happy for blogging friends who do well – freelance writing gigs, making thousands of bucks a month, scoring book deals, travelling the world on a brand’s coin, attending fabulous blog conferences and meeting people I want to meet. Happy. Yes. Also, envious. BUT, I like to direct this sin’s energy into something productive. Instead of stewing, I get active. I make things happen for myself. I work harder.


I am proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I know I can do more, and I know I will. But I let myself bask in some pride here and there, or envy might drag me down. Not so much though, to forget friends who’ve been there with me from day one of my blogging journey. Temper pride, and it will work for you. Let it get into your head, and you may lose credibility, goodwill and friends.

The key thing for me? I’ve learned to try and turn sins around into good things. There’s so much that blogging has given me, I want to always remember that, and give back. For all the lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride I have felt (and still feel) – I also try to practice kindness, generosity and honesty.

Have you committed any blogging sins?

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