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How To Kill Your Brand and Business With a Few Facebook Updates

You’d think in this day and age of social media, Community Managers of Facebook Pages for businesses would be trained and savvy.

Because if they were, they wouldn’t call their customers “bitches” and tell someone who posted a complaint on their wall, that it’d “kill” them to have customers like these. Couple that with a poor grasp of the English language, and you have an almost laughable social media disaster, as evidenced by Le Deux Garcons, a bakery (or as they call themselves, a patisserie) based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

{In Sarcasm Font} Here’s how you kill your brand and business in a few simple steps:

1. When a customer has a valid complaint, and a helpful suggestion to improve customer service, tell them to buy their desserts elsewhere. For dramatic flair, tell your customer it’d kill you to have to serve people like her. Oh, and insult the French while you’re at it.

Facebook Le Deux Garcon Screenshot 1

2. Following that exchange, tell your customers that you can manage without their patronage because you can “afford to.” Use the word “whatever” when possible, to emphasize how little you care.

Facebook Le Deux Garcon Screenshot 2

3. Delete the wall status above. But only after it’s been screen grabbed.

4. Proceed to call your customers “bitches”.

Facebook Le Deux Garcon Screenshot 3

5. Delete the wall post above and pretend nothing happened, while everyone in Kuala Lumpur spreads the word that your bakery is not worth visiting, unless you want to be called a bitch and served up a side of attitude.

As of this writing (March 24, Sunday morning), Le Deux Garcons has not responded to this unfolding disaster in any way. Their Facebook page‘s last update is over two months old. The non-recommendations are rolling in, with folks saying they will never, ever step foot into that store again.

Not once have they apologized for the poor service the original poster complained about, nor their rude responses to their customers.

Le Deux Garcons, I think you need to hire a social media consultant and/ or a PR team to clean up your social media mess. Good luck.

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