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All Aboard the Social Media Train: How Digital Marketers can Benefit

Next stop: Facebook-ville, just outside of Twitter Town and the City of LinkedIn. Several digital marketing companies across the globe are realizing the importance of connecting with consumers via social media. After all, the Social Media Examiner reports that as of 2014, 97 percent of marketers participated in some form of social media. Here are some of the key benefits that come from making a presence on social platforms.

2016 was an exciting year for marketers, and 2017 has provided bigger and better opportunities. Needless to say, with the technological advancements, the majority of consumers have greater access to the Internet on a plethora of mobile devices. Businesses everywhere are shifting their communications efforts to follow the crowd.

Brand recognition is vital

That’s why digital marketing companies are helping their clients to meet their branding objectives by creating corporate social media profiles. Every opportunity a business has to publish its content and increase its visibility is valuable, says Forbes. Internet networks allow a business or brand to be more accessible to new and existing customers. A Twitter user might stumble upon a company for the first time just by scrolling through a newsfeed.

Greater interaction leads to increased conversion rates

Every post a company makes on a social media site is an opportunity for consumers to react, which often leads to page visits and increased shares. Taking the time to make daily posts can be a hassle, but digital marketing companies can help their clients to start regular conversations with consumers on the Web.

Social media has a special humanization characteristic

Brands become more human-like when they interact with people on social platforms. The Internet is a place where brands can act like ordinary individuals act. This is crucial, because people like doing business with other people; not with companies. Get on the human level and become more relatable.

More importantly, social media is basically an extension of customer service. Every single customer interaction displays a business’s customer service level. If a consumer complains about a product on Facebook, digital marketers can immediately respond and publicly apologize or take action to correct the issue. On the flip side, customers may compliment a firm, and they can give instant gratitude.

Last call; the social media train is taking its participating marketers on a one-way track to success. Ultimately, consumers want to interact with their favorite brands and businesses. Joining the social media movement not only helps a company to connect with existing new and existing followers, but it also allows a firm to operate on a human level.

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