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Four Ways to Ruin a Blog and Destroy Readership

Sometimes, the best way to learn is from other people’s mistakes. This is definitely true when it comes to running a successful blog. You can’t make money from a blog if you make rookie mistakes. Here are four mistakes that will definitely ruin your blog and destroy readership, before it’s even had a chance to take off.

Have a Bold or Unattractive Design

There are many things that can go wrong when it comes to the design of a blog. Having an unattractive design or something that is too bold is a great way to ruin a blog before it’s even gotten off the ground. This can easily be avoided with a little planning and thinking ahead.

When designing a blog, be sure to choose colors that complement the blog’s theme but that aren’t offensive. People don’t like seeing really bright colors that clash with each other. Neutrality is the best route because it is less distracting and makes a blog easier to navigate.

One of the biggest mistakes is choosing a dark background color and then using white text. This makes the content very hard to read and will drive readers away from the blog. Large design elements that distract away from the content of the blog should also be avoided.

For more information on designing a blog, read Important Design Elements when Creating a Blog.

Post Content Randomly and Infrequently

One reason that blogs are so attractive to readers is because there is always something new to read and comment on. You will ruin your blog before it has taken off by not posting content on a consistent basis. Most successful blogs have new posts daily, and even larger blogs have new posts multiple times throughout the day.

Posting frequently is important, but quality should not be sacrificed. Don’t post a meaningless post just because you want to have fresh content. Readers know when you don’t put an effort into something, and poor content will definitely destroy readership and loyalty.

Splatter the Blog with Too Many Ads

Having too many ads is one sure way to ruin a blog and destroy readership. Yes, everyone knows you are blogging to make money, but nobody is going to stay on your site long enough to earn you money if the ads are overbearing. Focus on good quality content and revenue should go up naturally as you build a stronger reader base.

Ad placement is key in making money, but having too many is definitely a bad idea. Keep the ads to two or three ad blocks and place them at the end of articles, on the right side panel, and maybe one in the header. They should blend seamlessly with your blog.

Be Offensive to Readers or Bully Others

Another way to ruin a blog and destroy readership is to be disrespectful to others. It is perfectly okay to express an opinion, but it is not okay to belittle others for having a different stance. So, when responding to comments on your blog posts, be respectful and don’t tolerate rude and offensive comments.

Also, it is okay to write about controversial topics, but just remember to refrain from targeting one person or group in a negative way. Most people don’t appreciate racism or other types of offensive remarks, and they will leave your blog in a hurry, and maybe even file a complaint.

Learn from others and don’t make any of the mistakes mentioned above when starting your blog. It takes a lot of work, but you can generate a decent income from an interesting blog that has a lot of readership. It can be destroyed quickly, too, so be careful.

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