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Five Reasons People Don`t Comment On Your Blog

When it comes to free blogging platforms, WordPress is the most popular one. I`m going to be doing a series starting later this week on how to use WordPress effectively and how to customize it to really make it work, but first, let`s take a look at why no one is commenting on your blog if you already have one, which many of my readers do.

1. You only allow registered users to comment

Trust me, this is the absolute WORST thing you can do. It will kill the comments on your blog. If people can`t leave their name and URL on your blog, they will most likely click away. I know I do. Change this by going into Settings, then Comments.

2. You use captchas

I know, I know, they protect you from spam. But let me just say that sometimes I run into captchas on WordPress that I simply cannot read. And truthfully? I`m not going to sit there for 20 minutes typing in letters over and over until I finally get it right. If you`re worried about spam, turn on the comment moderation instead. Once you get to the point of having dozens of spam emails every day, you should definitely consider moving your blog to WordPress.

3. You don`t ask

Make sure you ask for people`s opinions . . . most readers will never do something on their own, but if you let them know what you want them to do, they are going to be far more likely to comment. Something as simple as “What do you think? Share in the comments.” will work fine.

4. You make your comments pop up

Ok, this probably isn`t a huge issue, but there are many times when the pop up window simply doesn`t load. And if it doesn`t load, there`s no way anyone can comment. Keep comments on the page and you`ll be able to get plenty of comments.

5. You aren`t interesting enough

Ouch, right? But it`s true. If you aren`t writing anything interesting, why would anyone comment? Amp up your writing, make sure you`re offering quality information and see if that doesn`t help.

Your turn . . . what makes you NOT comment on a blog?

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