Fast Way to Grow Your Instagram Account and Get Real Followers

If you are grimly determined to become successful and make a mark on Instagram history, you probably have spent a couple of days googling how to get more followers, how to promote yourself effectively and so on. By all appearances, you came across one of two services that offer you to get a couple of thousand followers in a day. And you probably subconsciously understand that there must be some tricky part in such offerings. You always get what you pay for. If you decide to go in for such tools as cheating to get more followers, be ready to enjoy the fake success.

What’s the secret?

Indeed, there is a fast way to grow your Instagram acc getting real followers. I’m talking about implying of Instagram automation tools. They represent not these deceitful methods of growing the audience but introduce the automation of all processes of your SMM policy such as liking, commenting, following, etc. But it’s of prime importance to know how to use it right, what options to switch on. Only then you will manage to milk the tool for all it’s worth.

I’ve prepared a couple of tips for you, which, if accomplished with the help of Instagram bots will allow you to see the tangible results of your automated promo strategy.

Be lavish with your likes

Like as much as possible. For every 100 likes delivered to random photos, you will receive 6 new followers at an average. And if you are wise enough you realize that you can’t do it by yourself all the time (only imagine how many photos you should like to get 100 new followers!), that’s why you need to be equipped with such a tool. It will free your time and fingers.

Do not forget about comments

Remember that you first need to be noticed and only then estimated and followed. So use every chance to show yourself and your interest in people, especially if it is an influencer of your niche. Some of Instagram bots propose the automated commenting other profiles, you just need to write a couple of samples and the bot will send it out. Not bad, isn’t it?

Use proper hashtags

I mean use only relevant and popular hashtags. Use common hashtags so that people see your photos in a global search. The most popular are #love, #instagood, #fashion and #photooftheday. But it’s much better not to use hashtags full of cliches, put your thinking-cap on, create something interesting. Use Instagram hashtag generator for that purpose. It will certainly do it faster and more productively, trust me.

Follow more

The more people you follow, the more people will follow you back. That’s an axiom. Instagram automation tools “know” that and can conduct your “following campaign” in a more smart way thanks to implemented Instagram limits in its code. I bet you didn’t know what limits Instagram sets. So the Instagram bot is recommended to application in this case.

Watch the time

Take into consideration the time of posting and the number of posts. Do not be afraid to publish a lot. But without excessive effort, please! Publish on Sundays. Only a few people upload photos on this day so your post will see the maximum number of people.

Additionally, let the post on Wednesdays become your mandatory ritual as a mid-week publication get more attention and likes, that’s a fact.

You can purchase a scheduler for that or you have an alternative to plan your posts with Instagram bots. It will be extensively actionable if you do not want to waste your time tracking the right day and the right minute for posting.

Of course, it will work out only in case of the accurately configured targeting. Think about your TA: who are those people, where do they live, what language do they speak, of what gender are they, what hashtags do they use even. Every detail matters to a great extent.


Remember, for your promotion to be successful you need to choose the right automation tool. Find the one that will effectively imitate real human behavior, cause only in this case your promotion will have some good business sense. Do not jump off the deep end and buy a 1-year subscription, be consistent, take a trial period, make an experiment, choose.

Instagram promotion can be smooth sailing, you just had to come across this article on the Net. All my wisdom is in it. You are welcome.

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