I’m A Better Writer Than I Am A Vlogger



I figured that this would be one of those posts you’d click away because I’m not actually here, I’m telling you to go read my post somewhere else.

So I decided to make a vlog!

Warning: I did this in one shot, I did it during nap time, I had no makeup on and I used air quotes at some point in the video.

I also say “Um” a lot.

But it’s very short, less than a minute. It’d take you less time to watch it than it is to read this.

Anyway, it’s still hard for me to say I’m a writer.

So when the folks at Studio 30 Plus contacted me to be the Featured Writer?

Mind blown.

Would you pretty please hop over there and read my post on ghosts?

Yes, ghosts. The supernatural.

It’s Halloween month after all.

Thank you, friends.


PS: I think you have to be a member at Studio 30 Plus to comment, so if you’re not, you should sign up! But if you’d rather not, do come back here to comment. I’m leaving them open for once.


Love, Care and Share


I was planning another post to round the week off, a writing prompt for Write On Edge as I haven’t done a prompt in months.

I just wasn’t feeling it. I wrote 100 words and it just felt forced.

I believe readers can tell when posts are only written because the writer only wrote that for the sake of writing something (I’m a little pleased I managed to fit ‘written’, ‘writer’, ‘wrote’ and ‘writing’ in one sentence).

So instead, I decided it would be better for me to share someone else’s words with you today.

I practice the philosophy of ‘Love, Care and Share’, you see.

The following are some of the posts I loved in one way or another – it moved me to tears (damn hormones), it made me think, I felt less alone and yes, made me laugh. If you have some spare time this Friday or over the weekend, I urge you to indulge me and click on one or more of these posts I wish I had the words to write.

This story of a cookbook had me tearing up, over at Poor Man’s Feast: The Kindest Cookbook.

I could absolutely relate to this one at The Huffington Post about non-parents judging parents.

My heart hurt for Shell when I read her post about her difficult week at Things I Can’t Say.

I LOL’ed at this funny, illustrated post by Mayor Gia about hugging, or rather, please-don’t-hug-me.

I miss my Barbie dolls, thanks to the simply wonderful Mark at Our Simple Lives who shared his friend’s amazing Barbie collection.

Have a happy Friday and a fabulous weekend!

I leave you with this adorable toddler and his water cracker habit.

Toddler eating water cracker

Do you have a favorite post to share with me? Yours or someone else’s? Would love to read it! (if I haven’t already)

*This post is very similar to Friday Tapas by What She Said, and I confess that I actually wrote this without even thinking I was borrowing Kristin’s concept. I just needed a filler to round up the week. BUT, I probably got the idea from her and it was stored in my subconscious. So credit Kristin, I must. Thank you Kristin, forgive my faux pas for having to add this in after publishing!


I Am Not A Writer


A writer is one who produces literary content, including but not limited to stories, poetry, books, plays. The word is almost always synonymous with author.

By that definition, I am by no means a writer. I don’t write stories, fiction or non-fiction. I don’t write poetry. I have no intentions to write a book or a play.

I write this blog, yes. But, I don’t always invoke tears or laughter. I don’t always give my readers something to think about.

I don’t always write about what my toddler did today that taught me a profound lesson in parenthood or life.

I don’t offer wisdom of any kind on a regular basis.

I don’t write about postpartum depression, suicide prevention, divorce, single parenthood. I don’t write about the hard stuff, the serious stuff, the things that may help someone by sharing my experience.

I don’t spend hours on my posts. I don’t read, reread, edit, reedit, endlessly. I write when something comes to me, and I just have to write it down.

I find it difficult to write more than 300 words per post.

I have no distinctive style of writing.

I share recipes. I share photos. I share my drawings. I share snippets of my life. I share bloggers I enjoy reading. I share my love of lists. I share my love of tips.

There are times when I read blogs, whose writing sways me, strikes me, grabs me by the throat, brings tears to my eyes, puts a smile on my lips, brings laughter to my belly – and I feel inadequate. I feel like an imposter.

Then I read the comments on my posts and see the support and friendship that my blog has given me.

The realization that the words I have written has given me that, the immeasurable. That is enough.

I am not a writer. And that is fine with me.

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Do you think of yourself as a writer?

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