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How Much Self Promotion Is Too Much?

With all the social media venues these days, it can be difficult to know just how much self promotion you can get away with. Lately I´ve been coaching a few clients on using social media, and one of the most common questions that comes up is “How much can I […]

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How To Kill Your Brand and Business With a Few Facebook Updates

You’d think in this day and age of social media, Community Managers of Facebook Pages for businesses would be trained and savvy. Because if they were, they wouldn’t call their customers “bitches” and tell someone who posted a complaint on their wall, that it’d “kill” them to have customers like […]

social media

All Aboard the Social Media Train: How Digital Marketers can Benefit

Next stop: Facebook-ville, just outside of Twitter Town and the City of LinkedIn. Several digital marketing companies across the globe are realizing the importance of connecting with consumers via social media. After all, the Social Media Examiner reports that as of 2014, 97 percent of marketers participated in some form of social […]