Author: Alison Parker

move your blog

How to Move your Self-hosted WordPress Blog

Note: This advice applies to moving a self-hosted WordPress blog to another WordPress blog on the same host. 1. Purchase and register your new domain. If you are on, you can find out if your hosting companies sell domains. Mine does, but I bought my new one from […]

online marketing

8 Simple Ways to Start a Content Marketing Business

The content marketing industry is only getting bigger and better. Many people around the world have turned their own professions, passions and hobbies into their own successful content marketing business. As thrilling as it may be, it takes a lot of thought and careful planning to do so. Here are 8 helpful […]

article marketing

Grab Readers Through Article Marketing

The articles connected with your article marketing should captivate the readers focus and not let it go. There are many elements which need to be in a writing piece to succeed doing this. When these elements are included properly in your article, they keep your readers enthralled enough to read […]