Home Is Where All The Children’s Stuff Is



I wander through my house, camera in hand, eager to see what joys the Nikon can bring me.

I start here, where I am a lot. My favorite spot on the couch.

Grey couch


I walk to the bedroom, turn around and see this.


View of walk in wardrobe


The view of our walk-in closet. I love that I can finally have all my clothes in one place. Oh, the simple things.

I walk down the hallway to the toddler’s room.

I’ve always loved this blue feature wall.


Blue wall


I look up and see this.


Rocket light


And it makes me smile, remembering when we chose this light online, and thinking, how cool is it, for a little boy to look up from his bed and see a rocket?

I head back to the living room.

We are prime examples of people whose houses look like a rainbow exploded all over it.


Kids table and chairs


Where we draw, count and play with the iPad.


Kid's stool


I put stickers on the toddler’s stool as a fun way to teach him to identify animals and objects. (And yes, to try and mask the crayons scrawls all over it)

Tubs of Play Doh


I also try to encourage the use of Play-Doh the table. To no avail. See how foamy floor mats are awesome?


Car park toy


We play with this as a family. Even the baby loves watching the cars fly down the ramps.

The toddler has always loved the color green. And so it is the green car that is his favorite.


Toy cars


I end my little home tour, sit down, look to my right and see this.


Photo frame


My firstborn when he was around the same age my second is right now.


Home is where all the children’s stuff is.

Home is where my hearts are.

Right here.

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What’s the favorite part of your home?

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  1. Laura | Mommy Miracles
    Twitter: LauraORourke

    So much children’s stuff! But without it, it wouldn’t be home. :) Loved this glimpse into your world.
    Laura | Mommy Miracles ‘s last awesome post..New Fluff: Getting Started with Cloth DiapersMy Profile

  2. Runnermom-jen says:

    Your house rocks! Can we come over? ;)
    p.s. so did you get a new camera? I can’t remember. your photos are looking good!
    Runnermom-jen ‘s last awesome post..Diggin’ DeepMy Profile

    • Alison says:

      My door is open and Monkey would love some play mates!

      I’m using a Nikon on loan – my brother-on-law and sister generously left the camera here. They said I have ‘better subjects’ hence, will get more use out of it. :)

  3. Kimberly says:

    There is kids stuff everywhere in our house. It used to drive me crazy, but now it kind of comforts me knowing that they’re here.

    My favorite part of our house? The dining room. The natural light is amazing there.
    Kimberly ‘s last awesome post..Lesson LearnedMy Profile

  4. Carrie
    Twitter: carrielindsey

    Your house looks like it has the most fun kids stuff, ever! I love the rainbow-y everything. :)
    Carrie ‘s last awesome post..The 21st of September, AgainMy Profile

  5. Greta @gfunkified says:

    That rocket light is AMAZING. And I would much rather have a rainbow explosion in my house than beige on beige on beige. That’s just boring!

    • Alison says:

      Right?? We were so excited when we saw it, we just HAD to get it! The rest of our furnishings is pretty neutral (and boring), so yes, the rainbow colors are quite welcome :)

  6. Elaine A. says:

    Love all the color! And that car track looks so fun. My oldest son has always loved Green the most too. :)
    Elaine A. ‘s last awesome post..I used to be kinda fun(ny)My Profile

  7. Tonya says:

    Funny we both blogged today about photos. I loved going on a tour of your home. Funny how our children’s things take up so much of our spaces, isn’t it?
    Tonya ‘s last awesome post..If You Give A Kid A CameraMy Profile

  8. Bruna from Bees with Honey
    Twitter: beeswithhoney

    Loved the mini tour of your home. Very bright and colourful and happy atmosphere. Great photos too, Alison!
    Bruna from Bees with Honey ‘s last awesome post..two shades of meMy Profile

  9. Robin | Farewell, Stranger says:

    Those photos are great! I love all the colour. Please tell me you cleaned before doing that though. ;)
    Robin | Farewell, Stranger ‘s last awesome post..A Mom for Mental IllnessMy Profile

  10. Mama Pants
    Twitter: Thefamilypants

    I love this :) For some reason when i saw the stickered up stool I smiled so big. And then the cars. My guy loves to line up his cars and we all love to race them together. This was such a sweet post.
    Mama Pants ‘s last awesome post..Sunday’s PearlMy Profile

  11. Maureen | TatterScoops
    Twitter: tatterscoops

    Awesome shots, Alison! Love your walk in closet so neat and pretty. All those colors are beautiful :D
    Maureen | TatterScoops ‘s last awesome post..Closing TimeMy Profile

  12. Lisa C says:

    Yes, the children’s stuff is everywhere now that my son is mobile… little cars hiding under furniture, sippy cups on the kitchen counter, rocking moose next to the shoe rack, toy boats in the tub, little socks on my dresser. But that does make it more like home…
    Lisa C ‘s last awesome post..List #44: My Love-Hate Relationship with My Home, or First World ProblemsMy Profile

  13. Diane
    Twitter: dkotucker

    Great photos Alison! I love all the bright colors and that rocket fixture is so cool! Can’t believe you have two young kids. Your house is so tidy! :D
    Diane ‘s last awesome post..Clutter Sweet Clutter #Monday ListiclesMy Profile

    • Alison says:

      Thanks Diane! The rocket lamp is one of my favorite things in this house. As for the tidy house, it only looks that way because I didn’t photograph the not-so-tidy parts. :)

  14. Bridget says:

    I love the way you phrased and framed this post. Lovely.

  15. Kim@Co-Pilot Mom
    Twitter: copilotmom

    It is wonderful to see a bit of your world. When you have children, their stuff does make seem like home; for me, I wouldn’t recognize my home without it now. It is as necessary to the landscape as anything else. :)
    Kim@Co-Pilot Mom ‘s last awesome post..Making Our Mark: 10 Complaints About My HomeMy Profile

  16. Wayne says:

    That rocket ship lamp is very cool!

  17. Kimberly says:

    i wish my house looked that spotless :)
    And hairless.
    My dill hole dog is shedding.
    Kimberly ‘s last awesome post..When You Fall In Love With A BloggerMy Profile

  18. Leslie says:

    Such a sweet post. I don’t think there’s a single room in our house that doesn’t have kid stuff in it. Right down to the potty ring in ‘our’ bathroom!
    Leslie ‘s last awesome post..Ballet DreamsMy Profile

  19. Tracie
    Twitter: fromtracie

    I love your exploding rainbow of a home. Full of love. Fun, colorful love.
    Tracie ‘s last awesome post..School Memories – Fall Back Into BloggingMy Profile

  20. Susie Newday
    Twitter: newdaynewlesson

    Your pictures are awesome. Next on my to do list is a photography course.

  21. sarah @sundayspill says:

    Oooh. I love your space. It’s so clean and efficient with the perfect pops of color. Very nice photos, Alison! If I’m remembering correctly, weren’t you in the market to buy a DSLR? Did you? So much fun :)
    sarah @sundayspill ‘s last awesome post..10 projects to take our home from dull to dreamMy Profile

    • Alison says:

      Thank you Sarah! Yes we are all about practicality here. Except with all the kids stuff, heh.

      Yes, I was shopping around for a DSLR (and trying to persuade my husband that it’s a good investment). My brother-in-law and sister heard about this, and very kindly loaned me their Nikon for a few weeks so I can play around with it. Am loving it!

  22. Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms
    Twitter: SensibleMoms

    This is so sweet. I, too, feel this way about my house and my children’s things even if my list was slightly tongue in cheek. :) Would love to have YOUR closet, though. That I would trade in a heartbeat. Ellen
    Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms ‘s last awesome post..How Our Kids Mark Our Homes As Their Own Like TomcatsMy Profile

  23. Stacie @ Snaps and Bits says:

    That rocket light is totally awesome!
    Stacie @ Snaps and Bits ‘s last awesome post..10 Random Ridiculous Things In My HomeMy Profile

  24. Christa the BabbyMama
    Twitter: editorialicious

    I was once doing some decor consulting and had a client ask me how she could hide all of the kid stuff in her little living room. I suggested that she not forget that her kid was a part of her family, too, and his stuff was just as much a part of the story of their home. Makes me smile to see the toys in your house!
    Christa the BabbyMama ‘s last awesome post..On Budgets and Buying Kid’s ClothesMy Profile

  25. angela says:

    I like your rainbow house. It’s filled with love and joy.
    angela ‘s last awesome post..Giving Hemingway a Second ChanceMy Profile

  26. Amanda Jillian
    Twitter: faeriebarista

    Oh I love your house =]
    Amanda Jillian ‘s last awesome post..Ringing in the FallMy Profile

  27. Kir says:

    first, that made me all kinds of happy, I LOVE YOUR WALK IN CLOSET, but I love your home too. The greens and blues, the rockets and the small chairs, the LOVE I can feel with every picture.

    thanks for showing me around. (Now let’s eat those cupcakes!)
    Kir ‘s last awesome post..Trifecta Weekend: My Sole MateMy Profile

  28. Mirjam says:

    I love this Alison! And I am so jealous of your walk in closet.
    Mirjam ‘s last awesome post..Picnic in the parkMy Profile

  29. Alma says:

    Thanks for the tour of your lovely home. The vibrant colors and that amazing wood floor! The boys thrive so much in a home that is surrounded with play at their fingertips. My son always loved to hang in the kitchen with me (it was the biggest room in the tiny NY apt) I had all the low cabinets filled with containers with toys and instruments.
    I hope to do a tour once our new home is ready. I still have boxes around.
    Just like any home. It is always improving and changing.
    Love the rocket light and the race track… so cool!
    I would love to have you as my neighbor and bake me some cookies!
    Alma ‘s last awesome post..The Making of a HomeMy Profile

  30. Emma @ Your Doctor's Wife says:

    You are a gifted photographer! I love all the color in your home!

  31. Natalie says:

    You home is full of love and bright bold colors :)
    Natalie ‘s last awesome post..My JourneyMy Profile

  32. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf says:

    I love that lamp! So much more interesting than the one we have on our house. PS – the fight over playing with Play-doh only on the table? Losing battle. FYI :-)
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf ‘s last awesome post..Scenes from my weekend: FitBloggin’My Profile

  33. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    I love the rocket light! My son would love to look up and see a light like that.
    JDaniel4′s Mom ‘s last awesome post..Homemade Halloween Costume ParadeMy Profile

  34. karen
    Twitter: mrs_KarenC

    yes, I love having his toys all over, it reminds me that I’m a mom.

    Our apt is really tiny, only 950 sq feet, we don’t have a dining room or hallways. So my favorite is the lving area…I can see everything from the couches or kitchen, I like knowing where son is and it does make cleaning up a little easier.
    karen ‘s last awesome post..Fire Safety and the Letter “D”My Profile

    • Alison says:

      Our previous home was smaller than what we have now, and we had a tiny dining table within the living room area, near the front door, and it was where I sat, while the little one played. It was the heart of our home, just as where all the kids’ stuff is now at our current house.

  35. Kristen says:

    My favorite place is our couch in the great room. We all squish on there and watch movies or read together and fight over the blanket. It’s the best!
    Kristen ‘s last awesome post..Finding The PositiveMy Profile

  36. Jessica says:

    You have a beautiful home! It’s colorful, just like mine!
    Jessica ‘s last awesome post..The happiest mother doesn’t have it allMy Profile

  37. Kate Hall says:

    Gosh, your house looks neat! Can I come there?!
    Kate Hall ‘s last awesome post..10 Things in My STINKIN’ Home My Daughter Has Gotten IntoMy Profile

  38. Stasha says:

    Love this so very much! Not to mention your are rocking your Nikon!!!
    Stasha ‘s last awesome post..Monday ListiclesMy Profile

    • Alison says:

      I am loving the camera. I do think it makes a difference to the way I look at taking pictures, not to mention the quality. Still, my husband insists our Canon is awesome enough. :) (the Nikon is on loan, I don’t want to give it back!)

  39. adrienne
    Twitter: themommymess

    I love your photography! I love all your stuff too! I want to come over and play. :)
    adrienne ‘s last awesome post..How to Make Dinner Conversation with Your KidsMy Profile

  40. Jen {at} take2mommy says:

    That is the perfect color blue on that wall!

    My boys loved playing with cars and racetracks. And loved their trains and tracks. They’ve outgrown those toys now but I just can’t bear to give them away…
    Jen {at} take2mommy ‘s last awesome post..10 Reasons to See the Harlem GlobetrottersMy Profile

  41. Asianmommy
    Twitter: Asianmommy

    Wow–your home looks like a fun place to be!
    Asianmommy ‘s last awesome post..Book Review: WingshootersMy Profile

  42. tracy@sellabitmum says:

    Beautiful. In my home right now you just see piles of stuff. gah.
    tracy@sellabitmum ‘s last awesome post..How To Order At A RestaurantMy Profile

  43. Mama and the City says:

    I recently read in a mug: “Home is where your mom is” — that is what your sons could possible take on it. :)

    p.s. That pic of the cars all aligned is a very well composed shot. Nice.
    Mama and the City ‘s last awesome post..10 Pressing Things At HomeMy Profile

  44. Jill says:

    I love the rocketship light! And wowza, you take beautiful pictures.
    Jill ‘s last awesome post..Monday Listicles: My HomeMy Profile

  45. Keely
    Twitter: Lollygagblog

    In other news, I covet your closet. I, too, would like all of my things so wonderfully placed in one locale. (Congrats on your feature!)
    Keely ‘s last awesome post..Cincinnati In REALLY Short Spurts.My Profile

  46. thedoseofreality
    Twitter: ashleytaylor76

    AWWW, this is such a good post! :) It totally made me smile…and wish I lived in your home!
    thedoseofreality ‘s last awesome post..Top 10 Reasons Preteen Boys RockMy Profile

  47. Nina
    Twitter: NinaBadzin

    Your photographs are so bright and clear. I love them! I would do anything for that walk in closet.

    I love my bright kitchen. It’s the sunniest, liveliest room in the house.
    Nina ‘s last awesome post..The Value of a Good Book: Is the Reading Public Cheap?My Profile

    • Alison says:

      Thank you! I quite like my walk in too, it was a major plus for me when we were house hunting.

      My kitchen is the opposite – I need to turn the lights on even in the daytime! The drawback to living in an apartment.

  48. Nina
    Twitter: NinaBadzin

    Also love idea of Real 100! I have to think about that!
    Nina ‘s last awesome post..The Value of a Good Book: Is the Reading Public Cheap?My Profile

  49. Heather says:

    LOVE this post. What a great experience. Now you have me wonderfing what my favorite spots in the house are?

  50. Julia says:

    Your home is gorgeous! I love all the color. I may have to find that rocket light online it’s just too cute.

  51. Lisa Nolan
    Twitter: mearth

    Very sweet pictures! Who keeps it all clean? Love the rocket lamp. For my son’s room we used glass lamps filled with seashells that my mom collected when she was alive. What is it about lamps? Sniff.
    Lisa Nolan ‘s last awesome post..Ten Useful Items Around My House {Monday Listicles}My Profile

    • Alison says:

      That sounds lovely!

      I clean daily, and I have a 2-person cleaning crew come once a week for 2 hours to do the stuff I don’t enjoy – like toilets. :)

  52. Blond Duck says:

    Your couch looks sooo comfy! :)
    Blond Duck ‘s last awesome post..Birthday BlissMy Profile

  53. Barbara says:

    I can’t even imagine my house without the children stuff in it. I think the thought of it might depress me! ;)
    Barbara ‘s last awesome post..HomecomingMy Profile

  54. KalleyC
    Twitter: KalleyC

    So wonderful and colorful! Home is where the children’s stuff is. My daughter’s stuff took over our living room, so we’re so used to being child friendly in here. We have so many toys that rainy days don’t even get us down.

    Thank you for bringing us into your home and sharing with us your world.
    KalleyC ‘s last awesome post..It’s The Thought That CountsMy Profile

  55. Audrey says:

    I LOVE that rocket light! And all of your pictures :) Looks like a wonderful home!
    Audrey ‘s last awesome post..Monday Listicles – 10 Things In My HomeMy Profile

  56. Natalie says:

    Our house is full of color too! Your house (and pics) are gorgeous…and I feel your pain about keeping PlayDoh ON the table. I bought a big vinyl table cloth and spread it on the floor and ask them to keep it on that. How hard can it be? They’re on the floor! But alas, I still find it all over the floor too…
    Natalie ‘s last awesome post..Our 10th Wedding Anniversary Getaway WeekendMy Profile

  57. Jessica says:

    I wish children’s stuff didn’t include PlayDoh. That stuff is evil.
    Jessica ‘s last awesome post..When Tomatoes AttackMy Profile

  58. BonnyBard says:

    I love all the lovely colors in your house, your pictures are really beautiful!
    BonnyBard ‘s last awesome post..Only hot, young, guys need applyMy Profile

  59. Elena says:

    What a cozy place for your family! Love all the photos – and the toddler’s bedroom wall color!

  60. Courtney Kirkland
    Twitter: CourtneyKirklnd

    It’s funny, because I always thought that I’d be one of those “oh my gosh…toys and stuff everywhere!!” kind of mamas. But in truth, I really enjoy seeing them around the house. It reminds me that my house, albeit scattered and slightly messy most days, is full of laughter and excitement and childhood.
    Courtney Kirkland ‘s last awesome post..Which Plate Will Drop?My Profile

  61. Galit Breen says:

    Lovely seeing this glimpse of your “view!”

    (And so many congrats on BonBon break!! So exciting!!)
    Galit Breen ‘s last awesome post..A Tiffany Tween RoomMy Profile